What happened to the idea of Diablo III on consoles? Oh, don't worry. It's right here.

In another surprise unveiling during the PlayStation Meeting tonight, we have learned that Activision Blizzard is bringing the third Diablo iteration to both the PlayStation 3 and the newly announced PlayStation 4.

They say it's running beautifully on the PS3 and they're also going to be implementing an all-new four-player co-op function, which sounds cool. PC players are no doubt mocking the entire idea but at this rate, there's no reason to disbelieve Activision Blizzard, is there? Diablo might be one of the most iconic names in gaming, and to see Diablo III on the PS4…? Well, that oughta be awfully intriguing. I haven't played a Diablo in a long time so I'm looking forward to this.

Now it seems Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg is taking the stage, but I have no idea what he's gonna announce…what, a new Call of Duty for the PS4? Do we really need an announcement for that?