I love Naughty Dog. And I have legitimate reasons for doing so.

First of all, I don't have a problem with high-definition upgrades and remasters and all that. If you don't want the upgraded version, don't buy it. If you're annoyed that you purchased an "inferior" version a year earlier, get over it. Nobody is trying to cheat you; this is the way the industry works.

However, when I hear the word "remaster," I have certain expectations. I don't expect a simple graphical overhaul; I expect a full-blown upgrade . I expect the product to be better in just about every conceivable way.

For example, if the original game had a few quirks and bugs, clean 'em up. There's no excuse for leaving them in a "remastered" version. If there's a chance to achieve better technical performance, you had best take that chance. If you look at The Last Of Us: Remastered , Naughty Dog is really working hard to deliver a fully updated experience (check out the latest encouraging info ).

TLoU was already fantastic. But everything can improve and if there's one team out there that can improve on their own products, it's Naughty Dog. They're striving for 60 FPS, they're looking to fix lingering bugs; in short, they're really trying to produce the definitive version of an already unbelievable experience. Now, I'm not saying the developer deserves some sort of special reward; I'm merely saying this is what they're supposed to do, and what all developers should do if they're "remastering" a game.

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