When you ask a developer to explain a game they just announced, you expect them to draw you a picture.

With words , though. Not an actual picture.

However, when Joystiq asked Let it Die executive producer Kazuki Morishita to go into more depth concerning Grasshopper Manufacture's new PlayStation 4 exclusive, Morishita drew a diagram (seen here).

That needs some elaboration, yes? Basically, when a player dies in the game, their dead selves are uploaded to the game's servers (dubbed the "Death Cloud"), and then downloaded to other players' games, where that character becomes an enemy. So any enemies you see are actually dead players from other games. And believe it or not, Death is actually a character in the bizarre game – as denoted by the little Death riding a skateboard in the logo – and he really does ride a skateboard.

In the game, players start with nothing and must defeat other players to nab their equipment. As for whether or not players have to start over with no equipment when they die, Morishita apparently wasn't allowed to answer that. Well, at least we got some baseline info, right?