One of the biggest games of the generation has arrived, and while it received widespread critical acclaim, it still didn't drag down super high scores.

But what do our readers think of Watch Dogs ? Well, it seems they're right in line with the average critic viewpoint: Not quite masterful but still pretty damn good.

The majority of our readers said it didn't quite live up to their high expectations, but it's still a really entertaining game. And a great many said the game definitely hit all the high points, and should be revered as an instant classic. We said it had a huge amount of potential that it didn't quite deliver on , but we applauded the effort, especially as it gave all of us a glimpse of the future…in gaming, not in reality, hopefully.

This week, let's have some fun: Issue a score for Sony's E3 press conference on a scale of 1-10. Obviously, as the show doesn't go on for another 21.5 hours, you can't vote just yet. Wait until you've seen the show and then vote, m'kay?

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7 years ago

I will probably miss most of it with working, but will come here to hear/see what has been going on. Can't say I am all that excited right now, but maybe I will get some surprises in the postings.

Keep playing!

7 years ago

mp wasnt actually bad at all, it was fun with the whole hacking stuff, just needs to be worked on a little to improve.

7 years ago

yea thats fair enough, good but not as good as we were lead to believe, and not as good as it should of been.
one thing really disappointing about watch dogs is all the things that made GTAV so amazing.
the driving for instance feels so much better in GTAV much more natural, cars much easier to slide around corners, car chases are SOOOOOOOOO much better!
why you cant shoot while driving in WD is just ridiculous, i mean come on!
another thing that really surprised me with GTAV was if you crash into someone hard enough they die, so you dont have to keep slamming into them 1000000000 times and wait till their car breaks down to take them out.
watch dogs is the old crap though, keep crashing into them as many times as you can till their car breaks down, then as they do the runner then you can kill them.
gets a little old and boring.
one thing thats really hurt watch dogs.
playing GTAV then playing watch dogs is kinda like driving a ferrari, than driving a porsche.
good car in its own right, but just cant hold a candle to the ferrari!
and thats what makes watch dogs so disappointing, i really expected so much more from it!
you keep asking yourself which one is the next gen game?
every time i play watch dogs i cant help but see everything that could of been done better, and also everything thats missing that should be there.
considering how long the games been in development for, it really does make you wonder where the time was spent!

as for $onys E3 presser im going out on a limb and saying it will be crapola.
reason being 1 the past few have been exactly that, boring cock waving statistic crap!
2 $SM is not going to be there, bend is not going to be there, MM is not going to be there, QD is not going to be there, GG is not going to be there, so WHO IS!?
im getting the feeling that we probably wont even see uncharted 4 there!
simply because ND will probably be busy showing off TLoU remastered.
im betting $onys presser this year is going to be the same as the past few years.
start off with a little cock waving statistical crap like this is a shareholder meeting not the industries biggest reveal event!
then the rest spent showing third party games, and perhaps a little more info on already announced games like the order and driveclub.
maybe a little time spent on project morpheus too.

im more looking forward to ubisoft and M$s presser though.
last 2 E3s ubisoft has had by far THE best show, revealing both watch dogs in 2012, and the club and the division last year, all new IPs blowing the socks off of everyone!
so im really excited to see what they have in store for us this year, hoping of course its a new IP!
not to mention the LOOOOOOOOOONG awaited BG&E2 will probably be there, and hopefully perhaps will finally see that new rainbow six game!
bout bloody time!!!!!!

as for M$ i cant wait to see more of sunset overdrive, D4, gears, halo guardians, halo anniversary 2, forza horizon 2, and whatever else.
im hoping they will reveal crackdown 3 at E3 but it may be a bit too early.
in the leaked document earlier this year they had crackdown 2 pegged at a late 2015 early 2016 release so it may be a bit too early to announce that now.
shame remedys quantum break wont be at E3, though i guess at least it gives us something to look forward to at gamescom!

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7 years ago

I almost don't wanna watch, I hope it's not a train wreck of predictables!

7 years ago

yeah i thinks thats a pritty sound conclusion all round. good game or even a great one but not amazing like they wanted us to believe.

happy gaming =)