The debate just won't go away, so the developer must continue to defend the decision.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title Driveclub will include microtransactions. This lets you pay real money to unlock cars at a faster clip, as compared to simply earning them by playing. A lot of people aren't big fans of this, and some believe microtransactions can feel almost like a requirement.

However, developer Evolution Studios has repeatedly said that microtransactions are entirely optional in Driveclub , and studio director Paul Rustchynsky finally called the subject a "non-issue" in a recent Eurogamer interview . He said the system is identical to the one they used in MotorStorm RC and they didn't get any complaints for that:

"We don't want players to feel like we're nickel-and-diming them. That's not our intention.

The important thing about microtransactions is if they ever influence the game design or the progression then yes, there can be a negative influence. But that's absolutely not what we've done with Driveclub. Progression is quick. You unlock cars rapidly. If you're part of a club you get access to those things super quick."

Rustchynsky added that the proof will come when people finally get their hands on the game. They'll see that the microtransaction system is "not intrusive" and in fact, it's "almost invisible." Microtransactions existed in Gran Turismo 6 as well but again, they were optional (and I didn't need to use them).

While I acknowledge the slippery slope that is the microtransaction, in the case of Driveclub , I'm inclined to believe Rustchynsky when he says it's nothing to worry about.

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8 years ago

No developer will admit to nickel-and-dimeing their customers even when they're doing it. Every developer will say that's microtransactions are entirely optional when the game is in fact a psychological test to break down the customer's resolve and get them spending. Maybe DriveClub is different but I'll believe it when I see it.

8 years ago

gotta love it how they try to refute claims and restore confidence in fans by going parrot.
repeating the same sh*t over and over and over and over again is NOT the way to put the concerns to bed, in fact its the way to make them snowball!