Woo- hoo !

They just made it. The Harmonix-developed rhythm game Amplitude has been funded on Kickstarter. They hit their $775,000 goal with less than a day left on the funding campaign.

There are still 18 hours left so if you want to add more to the pot, fell free. The team has already revealed some of the bands that will be featured in this revival; check 'em out:

More to come! If you didn't know, this is essentially a sequel or revival of the PS2 classic, Amplitude , which was an instant cult hit. Revered by most critics and beloved by music aficionados everywhere, it was a game that rewarded reflexes and timing in an era before plastic instruments.

Now, Amplitude is headed to the PS3 and PS4 and I can't wait .

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8 years ago

Hooray! I was a day-1 backer!

I've been waiting over a decade for this to happen! I was there on day-1 for the original Amplitude, and..reasonably soon after launch for Frequency! I even bought a PS2 network adapter, pretty much exclusively for Frequency/Amplitude.

As much as I've enjoyed Harmonix's subsequent games, none of them had quite the same charm and inventiveness as the Frequency series. I'll see you FreQs online!

~MC MooCow

8 years ago

Oh Wow, Yes! Such good memories of this back on the ps2