No, not Duke Nukem. Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison.

You may remember when a rumor spread about a top-down action/RPG set in the Duke Nukem universe, supposedly in the works at 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment.

However, a lawsuit from Gearbox Software halted progress…or maybe just forced the developers to change the protagonist. Today, the game Bombshell was announced; it's in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC and yes, it's a top-down action/RPG. This is an "Unreal Engine-powered galactic adventure to save the U.S. president from an apocalyptic alien threat," and that sounds positively 80s-like. With all sorts of genre-blending mechanics and scores of enemies, the promising title could be totally bad-ass.

It's not scheduled to launch until 2015 but it sounds promising, doesn't it? As for the lawsuit, Interceptor had this to say:

"Lawsuits take time, and are often a long, drawn-out process. Meanwhile, we wanted to be productive–our creative team couldn't wait around for the issue to be resolved. Ultimately, we saw it as the opportunity to create our own intellectual property, and Bombshell was born. So far, it's been a blast."

The studio added that "it's impossible to say what will happen in regards to our previous project," which means the team had two games in the works, and the Duke Nukem one is still on hold. Seems like an awful coincidence though…