The upcoming PlayStation Meeting set for Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST is destined to be huge. Sony has booked the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC and the rumors keep swirling everywhere.

Now, they've updated the official website for the event with a special promotional video, which you can see below. Is this the lead-in to a PS4 announcement in only a few days time?

This video highlights the dawn of the PlayStation brand, noting how Sony changed the face of the industry in only a few short years. Those who are old enough (and have good memories) might recall the marketing campaign with the headline, "You are not ready," and most long-time gamers will remember the titles on display. Gran Turismo , Crash Bandicoot , Final Fantasy , Madden , Metal Gear Solid , and more; yes indeed, PlayStation has always delivered the singular experiences! The brand has flown high from the start.

So what's next? A look back at the PS2 and then the PS3 before Wednesday…? That's a possibility, yes?