Don't know about you, but I love 2D co-op platformers.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Canadian developer Frima Studio will bring Chariot to the PlayStation 4 this fall. It's also coming to the Xbox One but we don't know when that version will arrive.

Frima Studio executive producer Martin Brouard described the game that has you guiding a chariot through underground levels using physics-based mechanics. So, basically, you push, pull, and ride to reach the end of a level. A princess must transport her recently deceased father to his final resting place, but she needs the help of her fiance to get the job done. And don't worry if you want to play it alone; Brouard says it's "super fun to play solo."

You'll have to collect loot as you progress, too, because your father's ghost insists that he be buried with lots of goodies. It sounds like a blast and it actually reminds me of a certain section in The Cave . There was a part where you had to get a raft through a series of underground tunnels, remember…?

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7 years ago

sounds intreging no less might need to look into this and wait for bens preview/review as well

happy gaming =)

7 years ago

again, a indie announcement a day keeps the doctor away.
im starting to think ninty secretly designed the ps4 hence why its so disappointingly underpowered, missing allot of software standards, and is so god dam social ninty fanbase focused!
i want the $ony back who brought a severed animals head to the launch of one of their biggest games!
enough of this kiddy crap!!!!!!!!!

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