If you're eagerly anticipating the shared-world shooter in development at Bungie, this 7-minute gameplay video will be a treat.

Activision has released a new video that shows off a bunch of new gameplay. The footage comes from the cooperative Strike mission called "The Devil's Lair," and a trio of players face down a variety of foes in both indoor and outdoor areas.

At the same time, the publisher revealed a new pre-order incentive that will be exclusive to GameStop. If you pre-order Destiny at the world's largest video game retailer, you'll get the Upgraded Sparrow, a customized transport vehicle that is faster, more durable and boasts better boost than the standard version. You have to be a Power-Up Rewards member at GameStop to take advantage, though.

As for the gameplay, check it out. It's all sorts of tasty, especially if you're the type who has enjoyed great games like Borderlands II .