We have to assume an official Just Cause 3 announcement is coming at some point.

We've certainly acquired enough evidence to support the project's feasibility. The latest bit of evidence comes from a domain registered on Tuesday by CSC Corporate Domains.

The domain in question is "JustCause3Game.com" and it was spotted by Internet sleuth Superannuation . This means there's a good chance we'll see a next-gen Just Cause at E3 this year; just don't forget that we've seen domains for a new Just Cause entry before. So who knows?

Developer Avalanche Studios hasn't gone on record confirming the existence of Just Cause 3 , saying last year that it was "too early" to talk about it. Well, maybe now's the time. We liked Just Cause 2 just fine but it had a plethora of technical issues we hope get ironed out in the sequel.