One of the great new features update 1.70 delivers to the PlayStation 4 is SHAREfactory.

This lets you apply all sorts of personalized customizations to your shared media, and you can learn more about it over at the PlayStation Blog .

The trailer shows off the new editing capability, where novice video editors can splice together multiple clips and personalize them with special filters, transitions and themes. You can get even fancier by taking advantage of the PlayStation Camera and creating a picture-in-picture video commentary. You can also import original music, so feel free to experiment with every new possibility! When you're done, save your original creation to a USB key for easier uploading, if you wish.

I've never understood the desire to show others what I did in a video game but obviously, it's a popular feature. Update 1.70 should be available soon.

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8 years ago

That stuff right there that takes young people 5 minutes is something I'd be poking at for an hour or two, which is why I won't do it.

8 years ago

it actually looks great i might just upload some videos with this

happy gaming =)