Easter Eggs are always cool. Double the cool points if it's a prehistoric shark.

A new enemy stalks the waters in the new Nansha Strike Battlefield 4 map, and it's not human or mechanical. The Megalodon Easter Egg has been located by YouTuber JackFrags and it's well worth a peek.

The new Naval Strike DLC pack delivered the aforementioned map, and the player in question pieced a few clues together. He figured the mammoth shark must exist but he wasn't able to actually discover the beast until this past week. As he said on his Twitter page :

"When it happened for the first time I didn't think it was real, like I had imagined it or something."

He also said everyone's initial reaction to the shark was "amazing." Yeah, I'd probably be a little surprised, too. You don't expect an ancient creature to pop up in a Battlefield game, after all.