Well, by the time it arrives, you'll definitely have one of the next-gen consoles, right?

Today, Bethesda has confirmed that the upcoming public beta for the new DOOM entry will only be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-ordering a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order will get you into the test.

The latest Wolfenstein installment will launch for the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, though, so how will that work? Simple, really: Pre-order the PS3 version, get the PS4 iteration of the DOOM beta; pre-order the 360 version, play the DOOM beta on the Xbox One. All PC purchases will receive an invite to the PC DOOM beta. As for the beta itself, we really don't know much about it, mostly because we don't know anything about the game in question.

Last year, Bethesda went on record saying that DOOM 4 had been canceled and the project had to be rebooted. Ever since then, we've heard nothing about it…which is a little weird when we're talking about a beta. As for The New Order , that's set to launch on consoles and PC on May 20.

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7 years ago

Technically we have heard something, they are just calling it Doom now. Reboot maybe? Although it kinda doesn't matter, Doom 3 was basically a reboot already.

7 years ago

well so it's public but u basically have to buy it which is stupid u've never had to buy a beta u just download it

happy gaming =)

7 years ago

wait, so the beta for a game that has only been announced for next gen consoles is only going to be playable on next gen consoles?
wow, thats a surprise!
dooms only coming to next gen consoles, bugthesda said that when they revealed the reboot and announced the beta, so of course the betas only going to be on next gen consoles when the whole games only going to be on next gen consoles!

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