Seriously. Any time you're ready. We're all just waiting…patiently…well, sort of patiently.

As much as I love Grand Theft Auto , I might've been most impressed by Red Dead Redemption . There are several reasons for this lasting impact.

First and foremost, I had severe reservations heading into that game. Rockstar and Take-Two had dumped over $100 million into the project, and it had taken more than a few years to complete. Whenever that happens, one wonders what roadblocks the development team hit, and just how unrealistic our expectations had become. Therefore, while a critic is always supposed to enter into every review with a "blank slate" mind, I have to say I was skeptical.

Secondly, I'm not a fan of the Old West theme. I don't care about Westerns (movies), I never wanted to be a cowboy as a kid, and even the southwest design motif just sucks (a lot of sickly browns, grays and greens…blech). Therefore, I had no existing interest in the game of RDR; in fact, one could argue that I had a pre-existing bias against that setting. However, before the game was over, I did want to be a cowboy. I finally understood a bit of the mystique concerning the Old West.

Therefore, now that GTAV is out, I think it's time to announce RDR2. C'mon, Rockstar, no more staying quiet about your next project. Let's see that epic blockbuster, and let's see if you can once again capture my imagination.