Does a fluctuating frame rate bother you?

If so, you might appreciate the upcoming inFamous: Second Son patch. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , developer Sucker Punch will give players a few more options.

One of those options is a 30FPS cap, which lets you lock in the frame rate at 30. Said the studio:

"Internally we prefer the unlocked frame rate, but we recognise that some players find it distressing. So we’ll provide a way to ensure the game is not bumping up over 30FPS, if that’s how you prefer to play."

There will also be an option to disable the on-screen HUD, a chance to change the time of day at will, and future incorporation of "key bug fixes." I don't recall running into many bugs at all during my play time , and I didn't notice much FPS fluctuation, either. But some gamers are pretty anal about that kind of thing, so a 30FPS cap isn't a bad idea.

This patch won't be ready for at least a couple weeks, but it's great that Sucker Punch continues to work on an already excellent experience. Might as well make it even better, right?

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