Ooh…can't wait for this!

Following some rumors concerning a next-gen iteration of the acclaimed Metro franchise, developer 4A Games decided to spill the beans on the game's website.

As you can see, it's a message confirming the existence of Metro Redux , the team's first next-generation project. What is it, exactly? Well, they're not going into detail just yet, but we can expect to hear more at E3 in a few months. Here's a snippet from the post:

"Metro Redux. You may have heard of it… even though you probably shouldn't have! We could issue a 'We do not comment on rumour and speculation' statement and pretend this never happened. They're pretty boring to read. They're also pretty boring to write.

So we're going to comment on rumour and speculation instead.

Is Metro Redux real? Yes. We never made any secret of 4A's desire to bring Metro to the latest generation of console hardware. But what you saw leaked was taken from an old, internal planning presentation, containing some nuggets of truth but a lot of hypothetical ideas and place holder material."

The cool part is that they say the "reality is a lot more exciting than the outdated material that got leaked." This will be one of the more anticipated titles at E3, I can almost guarantee it. Last year's Metro: Last Light was pretty damn great, and it remains one of the most under-appreciated titles of the generation. Not underrated, mind you, under- appreciated , which means we think it should've sold more.

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