Let me be clear: I have no illusions.

I know Titanfall outsold inFamous: Second Son . The former was probably the most hyped title of the generation thus far, and it was also available on PC. Furthermore, it's coming to the Xbox 360 and when that happens, it's certain that Respawn Entertainment's game will sell more copies.

However, I'd be very interested to know just how close the race is. Don't forget that the PlayStation 4 still – as far as we know – owns a significant hardware lead, as far as a worldwide tally is concerned. Furthermore, a recent report says Second Son was the most pre-ordered game of the new generation thus far. Now, granted, Titanfall is outscoring inFamous in terms of overall review scores but honestly, I figured that was inevitable. Critics have been inexplicably down on the inFamous franchise since it launched; even the superior sequel only holds a Metascore of about 82.

Scores do have an impact on sales, no doubt about it. That being said, let's also not forget that the hype train for Titanfall was freakin' massive. And as usual, Microsoft is outdoing Sony in the advertising department; I've seen numerous Titanfall commercials on TV, but I have yet to see a single inFamous commercial. Maybe I'll see a few more in the coming days, I don't know. I just hope Sony's title is keeping pace with Titanfall because if it is, it means the PS4 will maintain its lead…at least for a while longer.

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