Maybe it'll actually happen…

During a new Eurogamer interview , producer Yu Suzuki said he might turn to Kickstarter to fund the long-awaited sequel, Shenmue 3 .

He says he's currently "researching" the idea but he won't commit to anything just yet. He did say he'd be willing to work on such a project if the "right opportunity" came along, and that may or may not involve crowd-funding. Eurogamer makes a good point in reminding us that Sega spent over $70 million on the original Shenmue , so it's a good bet that Suzuki would need a lot to produce a worthy sequel.

Then again, if Shenmue 3 were to hit Kickstarter, that would generate a gigantic amount of interest, so maybe it could earn many millions. However, don't forget that Suzuki has mentioned an interest in this strategy before and to date, nothing has come of it. He's also currently working on another project, so he probably doesn't have time to tackle this idea.

Still, there's hope. Right?