I mean, it's a logical assumption, isn't it?

We've waited almost this entire generation for Final Fantasy Versus XIII to arrive and it has never happened. In terms of progress reports, we've seen next to nothing from Square Enix. Very, very little.

They said they'd get back to it after Final Fantasy XIII-2 was out but lo and behold, here comes Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns , with absolutely no news about Versus XIII . To top it all off, the next-generation consoles are very likely to launch later this year (it seems Sony will announce the PS4 this month) and still, not a peep from Square Enix concerning the long-anticipated piece of vaporware. Oh yes, vaporware it is until the publisher can prove the project still exists.

And if it really does still exist, wouldn't it almost have to be a next-gen title by now? Maybe that's precisely what we should've anticipated for the past year or so; maybe Square Enix has been biding their time, putting Versus XIII on the back burner so their ambitious vision can be realized by the more powerful hardware of a new generation. I suppose that's a pretty good possibility at this point and hey, it just might give the bitter FF fans some hope. I have little faith in the game in question but I've resolved never to give up on this franchise.

Perhaps if it hits the PS4 like a ton of bricks, many fans will be able to forgive and forget…

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