If you're looking for a retro tactical RPG, indie team Grimm Bros has the game for you.

It's Dragon Fin Soup , a successful Kickstarter endeavor that is now coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux platforms. You can learn all about it over at the PlayStation Blog .

Boasting turn-based combat and a classic 2D top-down presentation, the game might remind you of Rainbow Skies and several other old-school 16-bit RPGs. You play in the mystical world of Asura, which evidently rests on the back of a humongous "dragon-turtle." We'll learn more about our intriguing, unique environment through a series of scripted events and quests, as well as procedurally-generated content.

Red Robin is the game's first playable character, and she's on display in the trailer below. There are still about three weeks left on that Kickstarter campaign , so pledge now! Getting the number up even higher will result in future expansions, and you'll be helping to cover the porting costs to the PlayStation platforms.