Developer Sucker Punch has some pretty nifty particle effects in store for us.

When the hotly anticipated inFamous: Second Son launches on March 21, gamers will be treated to a wide variety of very special…um…special effects.

In a new Metro interview , studio co-founder Chris Zimmerman talked about how the powerful PlayStation 4 helped the team build a custom particle system for the game:

"The thing that surprised us most about the PS4 was how many particles we could jam through it every frame. We built a new particle system around the PS4 architecture, so we kind of expected it to work well, but we were excited to see just how well. We can have particle systems with tens of thousands of particles without any trouble, and have up to a hundred or two thousand particles on screen at once in effects-heavy shots. We wouldn’t have been able to do smoke and neon as powers without the sinuous curves that all those particles afford us."

The protagonist, Delsin, will have access to multiple powers, and each should give you a great look at these amazing particle effects. For example, that neon power is all sorts of flashy: