inFamous: Second Son is a week and a half away, and yet, we still don't know about all the available powers in the game.

Developer Sucker Punch has done a tremendous job keeping 'em secret. Are we only missing one or are their multiple powers with which we're unfamiliar?

Well, at least one is described as "absolutely mind-boggling" and that's the one that's getting plenty of attention.

All the more so because inFamous Brand Development Director Ken Schramm says it's "something almost everyone uses every day." This is what he told DualShockers , but he wouldn't drop any other hints. Any idea what he might be talking about? Is he talking about a base skill, such as vision (and we'll have super enhanced vision in the game, or something), or is he referring to some sort of technological wizardry?

Go ahead, give us your best guess!

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