Okay, Titanfall has arrived (at least for the Xbox One) and thus far, it appears to be a critical success .

With an average Metascore of 87, the game is definitely a winner in the eyes of reviewers. However, there might be some room for debate, simply because the game hasn't earned that elite average score of 9+. It's close, though, and many are saying the freshness of this multiplayer experience is well worth the cost of admission.

However, is it good enough to become the first true-blue system seller for Microsoft's Xbox One? The system is behind the PlayStation 4 in the global sales tally; for all we know, it might even be behind in the US. Sony's update of 6.3 million units sold is all we've got to go on, as Microsoft hasn't released official updated numbers since saying the Xbox One sold 3 million units as of December 31, 2013. Let's just assume the Xbox One remains behind, and perhaps by a significant margin.

So, will Titanfall allow Microsoft to close the next-gen gap? Is it the multiplayer revolution everyone wanted? Or, even if it's not a "revolution," per se, is it just a great game that, while not doing anything too evolutionary, remains a gem? The other part of this question involves the PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son , which launches on March 21. Does one have any bearing on the other? Perhaps; perhaps not.

What say you?

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