If you're up for the white-knuckle challenge, mark your calendar.

Milestone, one of the most revered racing game development studios out there, has announced that MotoGP 14 will launch in June 2014 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Vita. No mention of the Xbox One was made in the press release.

Boasting over 100 available riders, all the official manufacturers and racing classes, and 18 realistic tracks, the latest entry features a redesigned engine, a new audio engine, and new real-time lighting effects. It will also present MotoGP fans with "a richer and evolved multiplayer experience."

Said Milestone Game Director Andrea Basilio:

"MotoGP™14 and the development on the new PS4 platform represent an important step in the two wheel videogame world. With MotoGP™13 we have established the bases of the gameplay and the physics exploring – together with the community –the players' needs. This new chapter introduces many new features which will be unveiled during the upcoming months and which we are sure will satisfy picky's 'pads'."

If you think you can pilot a crotch rocket around one of these tracks at totally insane speeds, give this a try. Just remember that it's a simulator, so you're gonna have to pay very close attention…

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8 years ago

idk maybe i might get it i haven't really ever played a motor bike game on console and it being a new generation and all try some new things why not give this a try aye

happy gaming =)

8 years ago

I liked SBK when it came out on PS3 whisch I think was also from Milestone. At that time there was also a MotoGP came but I thought it was a big fail in handlinng the bike. Not sure if that was also from Milestone.

If this is a game which in steering is more like SBK but updated for PS4. I'm getting it.

The simulation mode was incredible difficult. 🙂

motoracing in general on the console is a kind of niche market.