Not everyone has the time to play a full baseball game. At least, not when we're talking about a simulator.

Therefore, the developers of MLB 14: The Show have given us a couple great new features for this year's entry. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , we get Quick Counts and Player Lock.

These are purely optional and they really speed up the game. Player Lock will let you complete a game in as little as 10 minutes, for example. Both modes are available in all game modes with the exception of Road to the Show, so if you're a little pressed for time, take advantage! Here are a few more pertinent facts:

— With Quick Counts on, you will cut your game completion times in half if used in conjunction with the Fast Play presentation setting. Games can now be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

— Realistic stats in Quick Counts have not been compromised. However, you may see a slight increase in strike outs and walks.

— To customize your Player Lock experience, visit the Options page and access the RTTS Options.

— Player Lock fielding uses fielder-perspective controls, so all bases are mapped opposite of non-Player Lock games (i.e. Square = First, X = Second, Circle = Third, Triangle = Home)