Momentum can change just that fast in this industry.

Most will agree that Sony's PlayStation 4 has all the momentum thus far. Chances are, it's well ahead of the Xbox One in terms of worldwide sales (last count was 5.3 million for the PS4, by the way).

However, as we all know, powerful new exclusive software can really give hardware a huge boost. Even the legendary PS2 got a lot of help from the likes of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec the summer after it launched, and let's not forget that the first full year of that system's reign (2001) was one of the best software years in the history of gaming. A title like Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall could prompt a momentum shift if it's stellar.

Thing is, it's undeniably the hottest game on the Internet right now. Leaps and bounds ahead of inFamous: Second Son , for example, which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive also scheduled to launch next month. Sony should take note: Despite all the momentum the PS4 has accumulated up to this point, the most talked-about game by a long shot is only playable on the Xbox platform. Yes, it's also available on PC but in the console world, that doesn't mean as much.

Factor in the recent price cut for the Xbox One, and we're seeing a great opportunity for Microsoft to earn back some market share. The question is: Do you think it will happen?