Yeah, yeah. We know. This sequel has been "teased" for a whole lot of years now.

We put "teased" in quotations because most times, what we thought was a tease turned out to be absolutely nothing. This could be another one of those times…but you never know.

Here's a new Japanese PlayStation 4 Experience video, which is very relevant because Sony's next-gen console will soon launch in the Land of the Rising Sun. On the surface, it doesn't appear to hide anything special. But look closely at the 16-second and 25-second marks; you will see the user name "Ryo H" on the screen. Those who know Shenmue are quite familiar with that name, of course.

That could just be an homage to the classic franchise, or maybe it simply doesn't mean anything at all. Then again, we've been hearing rumblings about the resurrection of this beloved IP, so perhaps Sony really is teasing a long-awaited Shenmue sequel. What do you think?