Initially, it had to be pushed back. But the multiplayer goodness is almost here!

Bloober Team has revealed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Basement Crawl , has landed a concrete release date. It will hit the PSN in North America on February 25 with a price tag of $9.99; Europe gets it a day later and it'll cost €9.99.

If you were a big fan of Bomberman back in the day, you'll love Basement Crawl . This is basically a deeper, bloodier version of Bomberman , as players move along a set grid in an attempt to exterminate the other players. The game boasts four-player local and eight-player online multiplayer modes, and there's even a single-player campaign if you're so inclined. Of course, this sort of action was always best with some friends…I liked to hide in the pipes and surprise 'em.

This is the kind of game that reminds you of a simpler time. And there's nothing wrong with that at all.

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9 years ago

hope this is gud it acutally looks alright aye

happy gaming =)

9 years ago

yes Mo-green28 will be all over this I played the crap out of bomberman ultra on ps3 before all the cheaters took over