With the new rumor that says Sony and Microsoft will announce their new consoles in March, it's fair to assume one (or both) of those machines might be ready to go by the end of this year.

However, our readers don't believe we'll see the PS4 until 2014. The majority of those polled said Sony's new console won't make it for the 2013 holiday rush, although a fair number do expect the PS4 to launch at the tail end of the year.

So far, it's just impossible to say. Sony executives have given the media conflicting signals over the past year or so; first they say the PS3 has plenty of life left, and they're not interested in releasing new technology any time soon, then they say they can't afford to be beaten to market by Microsoft again. Personally, I'd be fine with the PS3 for another two or three years but I know I'm not in the majority.

This week, I thought about gauging reader interest in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch , which releases on Tuesday. But considering that just about everyone around here seems interested, we're gonna take the next step- Do you believe Level-5's latest could end up being your personal Game of the Year? The chances of it winning GotY at major sources are probably slim, so this poll is all about you and your opinion on the matter. 🙂