Will the PlayStation 4 ever see Titanfall ? Maybe, maybe not.

Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed (aka "Thuway") has been saying that it's definitely possible , and that fans should "make noise" so Sony can make it happen. However, another industry insider, Pete Dodd (aka Famousmortimer) countered that idea :

"Guys, Microsoft bought exclusivity for titanfall 1. Tweeting at Sony or zampella won’t change that fact. It’s a done deal."

If you want to play titanfall one you need a 360, xb1, or a capable pc. If you only own a ps4, you are sh*t out of luck until Titanfall 2."

He said he has "no idea" why Thuway is trying to make people believe otherwise; the bottom line is that Titanfall just isn't coming to the PS4. However, both are in agreement that the sequel will. If so, it would follow a similar line taken by BioWare's Mass Effect franchise last generation; the original was exclusive to the Xbox platform and then the sequel came to PS3.

Personally, I'm getting a little tired of hearing about Titanfall . There are other games on the way, you know.

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