Undoubtedly, the first-person shooter genre could use a multiplayer evolution.

Turtle Rock Studios ( Left 4 Dead ) boasts that their new project, Evolve , does indeed represent an "evolution of multiplayer," and they've released a nicely put-together trailer.

The video shows off the game's 4-on-1 format and introduces Goliath, the first officially announced monster for the encouraging title. Powered by the respected CryEngine, this adventure calls for five players; four are the hunters and one is the monster. The hunters are playing from a third-person perspective while the monster views the world from a third-person perspective. It's a really cool idea and it's definitely a twist on the standard FPS multiplayer action.

2K snagged the Evolve IP from THQ after the latter publisher dissolved last year. Now, the publisher is hoping that their $10.8 million investment pays off…and so are we.