After skipping 2013, a new NASCAR installment is finally headed our way next week.

However, it's not coming to next-gen consoles. If you're wondering why, developer Eutechnyx has a very simple answer : The userbase for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just isn't big enough yet.

As developer Ed Martin said:

"We took a good, hard look at it, but there just isn’t enough hardware out there yet to justify the cost of development."

While there must be around 7.5 million next-gen units in the world right now, that's obviously not enough. Remember, there are about 160 million PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles in homes around the globe, rendering the next-gen userbase almost irrelevant. Martin said Eutechnyx made their decision after hearing from Sony boss Jim Ryan, who confirmed last May that Gran Turismo 6 would be released only for PS3. Well, sure; 80 million PS3s vs. zero PS4s (at the time of the announcement).

Martin clarified the cost of development and added that NASCAR will come to the new consoles when it makes financial sense.

"It costs us about $6 million to develop a next-gen version of NASCAR. You have to sell an awful lot of copies in order to meet the development costs, on top of all the licensing. It just doesn’t add up for us right now. We own the rights, and we absolutely have plans, but it won’t be later this year."

NASCAR '14 releases on February 18 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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7 years ago

I've been to one NASCAR event in my life. It was one of the worst experiences. There were gross women spitting on each other and fighting, grown men pissing in clear view of children, and the stench of BO for miles.

What a horrible "sport" and a terrible fan base.

7 years ago

LOL Well it is a sport for the "good ol boy" red necks and trailer trash.

7 years ago

Hard for the gaming industry to grow, when everyone is only there to harvest and no one invests.

7 years ago

one thing i hate about times today its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
and not only this industry, everything!
things use to be done not to make money, but to show it was possible, to push man kind forward.
now everythings put not in the too hard basket, but the too expensive basket!
if cavemen grew up in todays society we never would of left the freaking cave!
why use stone arrows, when we can just sharpen our sticks?
f*cking bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!

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