Were you hoping for some multiplayer fun in The Order: 1886 ?

Well, you're about to be disappointed. Ready at Dawn founder Andrea Pessino was asked several pressing questions on Twitter , and one of them included the issue of multiplayer. Pessino's response:

"No multiplayer. It is a single player, third person action adventure game."

Pessino's explanation is simply that it's "better to do one thing well than a whole bunch half-assed." That , I can certainly appreciate. Pessino added that the team is working hard to produce a single-player experience everyone will enjoy, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, this also means that co-op play is out, and that could've been pretty cool.

As for the technical side, as reported by GamingBolt , the game will run at 1080p and 30 frames per second. Studio boss Ru Weerasuriya said they weren't "currently aiming for 60FPS." Yeah, for first-person shooters and fighters, that makes sense, but it isn't necessary for third-person shooters, or at least that's the contention.

Does any of this really disappoint you, or are you as excited as ever for The Order: 1886 ?

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