Titanfall isn't coming to the PlayStation 4. At least, not yet.

This is what SCEE Brand Manager Alex Moyet implied when she Tweeted about the possibility of the anticipated title coming to Sony's new platform. It was cited at Gamepur but soon after, the Tweet in question disappeared.

It read:

"Nah we might have to wait another year or so but I've got a good feeling it'll come to PS4."

That's a common belief but to hear it from a high-ranking Sony executive is very intriguing. It's all the more interesting that the Tweet vaporized soon after it hit headlines around the web. Developer Respawn Entertainment is an independent developer, so they can put their game on any platform they choose…perhaps after their exclusivity deal with Microsoft runs out.

It's not all that surprising that Respawn sides with MS. Remember, this studio was formed by ex-Infinity Ward members Vince Zampella and Jason West, and IW is well-known for their Call of Duty efforts. CoD has proven more popular on the Xbox platform, which is part of the reason why all DLC for that franchise continues to debut first on Xbox.

As for Titanfall on PS4, do you want it?

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