Whenever there's a clash between two major exclusives, one for each competing platform, there's always a story behind it.

Respawn Entertainment's hotly anticipated Titanfall is scheduled to land in March for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son releases in March as well, and it's exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Although the inFamous sequel does get a fair amount of attention, Titanfall is undoubtedly the headline leader right now. Not all of those headlines are 100% positive (some don't like that 6-on-6 restriction, and there's talk of low-res alpha textures being in the final version), but it's definitely the most anticipated Xbox One title right now. One could say inFamous: Second Son is the most anticipated PS4 game, even though its title may not be as…well, sexy, as Titanfall 's is right now.

The question is whether or not the latter can potentially hinder the sales success of inFamous . Maybe it won't matter, because very few individuals have both consoles in question, so most won't have to decide between the two games come March. Then again, maybe if Titanfall rakes in rave reviews – it launches first, remember – this could amp up Xbox One sales and as a result, overshadow Second Son . Unless you've got an unlimited income, you probably won't want to buy the Xbox One, Titanfall and inFamous in the same week.

On the other hand, maybe it could all backfire on Respawn and Microsoft. Maybe Titanfall will fall shy of those lofty expectations, and inFamous will further solidify the PS4 as the generational leader.

What do you think will happen?

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