We just need this game to get here. Fast .

inFamous: Second Son is chock full of great combat, and it should feature the smoothest, deepest mechanic yet. If you want to get a good look at it, here's one of the best pieces of footage to date.

This comes courtesy of Taiwanese news site EToday: It's a mission that tasks players with taking out an armored vehicle, and we're seeing a large amount of environmental destruction (more than we've seen in previous segments). We also see Delsin absorbing neon from nearby lights, which refuels that particular skill set. Remember that the protagonist can utilize neon and smoke, but those aren't his only powers…Sucker Punch is just being all secretive about the others.

Running up the sides of buildings also looks like tons of fun. To be honest, though, I've always liked the climbing mechanic in these games; it's quick and reliable, and it makes you feel at least partially human. The running up walls is a little too superhero-y to me, but that's okay.