If you own a PlayStation 4 and you're an MMO fan, we've got all sorts of good news.

During an AMAA-style (Ask Me Almost Anything) Q&A on Reddit (and as summarized at DualShockers ), we find out that several high-profile MMOs are headed to the PS4.

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley first confirmed that the popular MMORPG EverQuest Next will indeed be headed to Sony's new console. Then, while he admitted that it's "taking time to do this right," he added that Planetside 2 should hit the PS4 during the first half of 2014. Fans of the franchise will be happy to know that SOE has "lots of plans" for the implementation of new continents. But perhaps most enticing of all, Smedley teased a brand new project:

"SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now."

He clarified that it's a "completely new IP" and in fact, the data is hiding somewhere online. "Someone just has to find it," Smedley said. Well, I don't care for the MMO genre, so I'm not about to go looking. But you're all more than welcome…good luck with that.

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9 years ago

As long as these MMOs don't slow down the good games…

9 years ago

Now now, just because you don't like them, doesn't make them bad ;). I'm not a big MMO person either, but I'll probably give Planetside 2 a shake (it's likely the closest thing we'll see to MAG for years). As for the rest, they're not my thing either, but there are plenty of people that do enjoy them, and for them this is good news :).

9 years ago

I am playing FF 14 now. But I got to be honest, it isn't worth the 15 bucks a month. Just isn't. I would much rather play a free mmo or a game like Borderlands 2 online for free.

Everything in life is an investment of some sort. What you get back out of it is how you think of it in terms of success.

MMOs are a waste of money. Sure, they are fun. But you cant legally sell your accounts or make money on it in any way. You can spend hours upon hours every single day, and if you go back and look on it, it is a waste of time when you could be making money or spending time with the family.

IF people spent as much time and as much intensity on life as they did MMOS this world would be a better place.

I don't know. I don't mean to be a schmuck. I know Role Playing Games are meant to be that. Role play and fun. But I would rather pay my 60 bucks, get what I want out of it and be done with, but also be able to come back when I want and not pay 60 bucks + 15 bucks a month.

Its pretty much like that for FPS'ers too. I refuse to ever play COD or BF again. You can pay 60 bucks for these games. But to get the good stuff you have to pay 100 bucks for premium this and that and screw the little guy who just wants to keep things short and sweet, just to play a game.

Gaming companies are so greedy. In 5 years they will say that games cost so much to make that we should be paying them 200 dollars a game.

Sad part is, there is always some dumbass gamer that would agree with em.

My rant for today.

End of line.

9 years ago

well your missing the point of an MMO its for people who enjoy endless stuff to do in a videogame

now @ World Sony has been making everquest MMOS for over 10 years now its nothing new though the reason everquest 1 and 2 ended up pretty much dying out is SOE sony Online Entertainment has a bad habit of dropping support

now on topic as a MMO player ever quest Next i expect it to be bad as for Sony Welcoming other Devs to bring MMOS to PS4 thats great

now ill address the cash shop issue with F2P MMOS unlike Offline Games a MMO needs money for the Server to run needs Money for all the additional content they add through updates

so how does a MMO get that money when they Let you Download and play the game for free?
the answer is cash shop and when companys make a correctly used cash shop like phantasy star online 2 where nothing gives you an advantage
and almost the entire cash shop is Cosmetic items
as in additional Costumes Hairs Accessories and Voices which do NOTHING except change your look or Voice

Costumes 0 Defense 0 attack power nothing can be put on it
Accessories 0 attack power 0 Defense must go to beauty Salon to equip
can have up to 3 my main character has 3 accessories
#1 a Coffin which it has a chain and you drag around
#2 photon Wings they look like wings from Feis Final Gear in Xenogears
#3 an angel Halo
completely cosmetic
now you can sell anything in the auction house you buy from the AC store
aka cash shop i bought everything from the auction house for Meseta thats basically the term for Gold or what ever the Natural currency you get from killing monsters ect

9 years ago

SWG? Star Wars Galaxies??!

9 years ago

While I am not an MMO fan I can't say all MMO's are bad games. I think it's sad that they're all shooters (on consoles), to some extent tho. If they made a Pokemon MMO, I'd buy a Wii U and fork over my annual sub in a heartbeat and probably never battle another player.

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