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Naughty Dog
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February 14, 2014

I almost never review downloadable content. However, exceptions can be made, especially when we're dealing with Naughty Dog's masterful The Last Of Us . The spectacular PlayStation 3 exclusive raked in numerous end-of-year awards (and continues to earn awards into 2014), which is why I've opted to review the game's first narrative-driven DLC, Left Behind. Featuring Ellie and her friend Riley, this 2-3 hour segment (depending on your play style) gives us a fresh perspective.

The graphics remain as astounding as ever; this remains the most technically accomplished and highly polished visual presentation of the previous generation, in my eyes. The Left Behind DLC once again reinforces that point; its unbelievable detail, fantastic animation, and overall game design are huge highlights. The audio is of the very best quality, with great voice performances from Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Yaani King (Riley), although the soundtrack takes a backseat in this new scenario. It was subtle in the main campaign, too, but it's especially subdued in this DLC.

This extra story focuses on two different segments: The first is an extension of an event in the main narrative; when Joel is injured, Ellie strikes out on her own for a while. Left Behind starts off with Joel's injury, and how Ellie sets out to locate medical aid for her fallen partner. If you remember, in the main storyline, the game skips ahead a bit, sort of glossing over Joel's recovery. Well, in the DLC, Ellie has to find medical supplies because Joel is probably going to bleed to death if she doesn't. The other segment takes place before any of the events in the TLoU plot line.

This is the more interesting of the two sequences, because we learn a lot more about Ellie's history and influences. We're also introduced to Riley, a good friend of Ellie's who has just joined the Fireflies. As both were enrolled in a military academy of some kind, and the Fireflies are very much anti-establishment, the situation is ripe for drama. Riley disappeared for quite a while, and we find out she's planning to leave for good. But before she goes, she wants to share one last mischievous adventure with her good friend, Ellie. As you might expect, what starts out as an innocent little romp to the mall turns into something quite harrowing.