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October 29, 2013

Let’s face it— Most people who purchase Battlefield 4 will spend the vast majority of their time involved in the multiplayer aspect. Therefore, despite a clichéd albeit rousing campaign, one should heartily recommend DICE’s latest blockbuster production, as the multiplayer exudes slickness and variety. Toss standard infantry combat into a blender with over-the-top vehicular warfare and hit frappe; the result is Battlefield 4 . Realistically, its detractors notwithstanding, FPS fans will very likely be more than satisfied.

Even on the current-generation systems like the PS3, the game looks fantastic. There’s just so much detail in all the beautifully sculpted environments, and the developers paid close attention to the tiniest details. A flying chunk of debris, the collapsing of a fallen foe, the tragic majesty of a building falling to its ultimate demise; it’s a tour de force of flashy special effects and “holy sh**!” moments. Character modeling is great and although there are too many close-quarters settings that aren’t exactly imaginative, there’s no denying this game’s top-tier visual quality. Just imagine what it’ll look like on the PS4…! Very pretty, I'm sure.

Battlefield 4 excels in all technical categories, so it should be no surprise to learn that the audio is also a big highlight. The ambient warfare effects keep you riveted and on edge, the soundtrack is loaded with carefully chosen music that serves to amp up the tension and adrenaline, and the voice performances are solid. There are some minor balancing issues but other than that, there isn’t much to complain about. It’s definitely one of those games that greatly benefits from a sweet surround sound setup, because the crackling gunfire, startling explosions, and authentic human cries make the entire experience quite invigorating. Of course, there’s more to a game than its technical prowess; it must also deliver on other fronts.

Now, although it doesn’t take long to complete (4-5 hours, maybe), the campaign does have its fair share of crowd-pleasing excitement. The best sequences are those that encompass large outdoor areas, where you’re running for your life, wondering if you’ll survive around the next corner. When everything is falling to pieces around you and chaos is the name of the game, you might actually start to sweat. There are moments that will make you jump, moments that can be described as legitimately satisfying to your very core, and moments that make you grin with glee. The adventure is so jam-packed with intense situations that it’s almost exhausting.