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August 20, 2013

Saints Row: The Third was a completely ludicrous open-world action extravaganza that was confident in its own skin. In my opinion, it was the first series entry that didn’t feel like a poor man’s Grand Theft Auto . After GTAIV went gritty and quasi-realistic, Volition did the right thing and amped up the silly, over-the-top zaniness to the nth degree. Less realism, more absurdity. One could argue they did the same thing with Saints Row IV but while the results are similarly entertaining, the concept misses the mark. If only slightly.

While this sandbox environment isn’t as meticulously detailed as the productions we may see in the upcoming generation, the atmosphere is still quite compelling. It’s often a little too dark for my taste, but the developers did a good job creating an engaging, wacky cityscape rife with gameplay possibilities. It’s almost as if the placement of every lamppost and NPC is done for the express purpose of encouraging rampant chaos. The game runs relatively well, with minimal slowdown and little in the way of graphical hitches and glitches. Still, it’s not exactly impressive, as it’s not as clean-cut overall; it lacks that high-gloss sheen we’ll probably see in GTAV.

There are quite a few great voice performances in Saints Row IV , and the soundtrack features cleverly selected pieces that will bring an understanding smile to your face. Just when you think the game is taking itself way too seriously, a rakish voice or a nostalgic tune hits the TV’s speakers. At that point, you’re once again reminded that this franchise always has its tongue playfully lodged in its cheek. Not all voice actors do an excellent job and the effects can get a little muddled during periods of hectic action, but other than that, the audio benefits from a great score and a talented cast.

The Saints have taken over. In fact, the head honcho is now President of the United States and he must respond to an alien invasion that threatens the human race. This is Volition’s way of exploding out of its shell; Saints Row has always been comically unrealistic but now, the Saints are actually full-on superheroes. It’s like mixing inFamous with GTA and for the most part, it’s tons o’ fun. You’ve seemingly left the mortal coil behind and now, with super speed, super power and a ridiculous assortment of otherworldly abilities, you’re prepared to fight those pesky aliens. They may have anal probes on their side, but so what? We ain't scared.