Scheduled release date:
October 2nd, 2007
Insomniac Games
Number Of Players:
1 Player

By now, you've doubt played at least one Ratchet and Clank game, be it on the PlayStation 2 or PSP. The series has made a bigger for Sony than imagined, and with good reason. Insomniac has surely crafted the very definition of what it means to be an action/adventure game, fusing in various other genres into the mix. The Ratchet and Clank franchise has grown tremendously over the years, with each game getting larger and larger, and featuring grander online gameplay with time. Now comes the biggest Ratchet game of them all, and this time there are no surprises. Insomniac is set to wow us in a way that not many games will wow us this year.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction sees the duo taking yet another vacation and enjoying some time off. The story falls back on discovering the origin of Ratchet, as the Lombax creature knows nothing about his past and where he descends from. With that set up, we also find out that Ratchet's new nemesis Emperor Percival Tachyon would like to find out the origins of the whole Lombax group and eradicate them as a whole. The heroic duo are both ambushed by the Emperor's insect-like pawns called Cragmites. Instead of giving up, Ratchet and Clank steal the emperor's imperial warship and so the whole game begins.

You've seen the screenshots, and you know just how large the game's world is. The videos that Sony has shown off demonstrate movie like quality and animation. We're finally seeing a visual level of quality that is beginning to rival that of animated movies. Making all of this possible is Insomniac's totally overhauled graphics engine, featuring draw in distances as far as the eye can see, and mobile objects everywhere you look. Imagine this, in the new game, Ratchet has as many joints in his face as did his entire body in the PS2 games. The joints represent the type of flexibility his face features – which is ideal for a plethora of unique facial expressions. That said, you can imagine the kind of details in animation that Ratchet's entire body will feature. Best of all, that kind of attention to detail is applied to nearly every major character you come across.

From the power of the new console will come much more inspired and vast world's, detailed as vibrantly and fully as you can imagine. Clank will once again be a playable character, meanwhile Ratchet will gain a host of new abilities and enhancements. Joining them will be a cast of new characters, alien races, life forms, and yes…Captain Quark is in too. Weapons will again be a huge aspect of the game, and new weapons such as Plasma Beasts and the Tornado Launcher will surely become favorites with players.

An entirely new weapons upgrade system will be put into place allowing for upgrades to feature more power and flexibility – the same goes for Ratchet's armor. Putting to use the motion sensitivity of the Sixaxis, you'll be able to use the controller for maneuverability, killing enemies and even solving puzzles. The wackiest new feature is one that I'm dying to see; it's an "on-demand" combat move called the Groovitron and it makes all surrounding enemies to dance uncontrollably to 70s disco hits. Gadgetry will be an all-time high for the game, and on top of that you'll even have a warship to pilot and fight with through the galaxy.

So far that's what we know about Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, but as soon as we hear more we'll let you know. Look for the game to hit October 2nd.

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