Scheduled release date:
November 13th, 2007
EA Montreal
Number Of Players:
1-2 Players (4 Online)

Action shooters have been in serious need of something fresh. Last year, Gears of War brought home a that fresh feeling and the reception was incredible. But we can't rely on just one developer to bring us fresh content for the genre, it'll get us nowhere. So here's Electronic Arts, the world's largest videogame publisher and they've been working on an action game where you're not the lone man of the adventure. Alongside of you is your partner, and thus: Army of Two.

EA's been working on Army of Two for nearly two years now, first revealing it at last year's E3. The game's core will require you to play alongside of a partner, be it co-op with a friend, or controlled by the game's artificial intelligence. A lot of the gameplay will require some tact approaches to situations, so keeping a low-profile will often be key in the game. Of course, there'll still be moments where you'll be allowed to blow s#!t up, so fear not.

The missions will be loosely based on real life headlines, the depth of which we're still unsure of. What we are sure of is that the kind of involvement that you'll have between you and your partner will feature such actions as: rope hoisting, climbing on his back for leverage, lending a hand to climb on top of a tall edge, dual combat maneuvers, driving and shooting, shielding, and so forth. It is, arguably, the first true buddy game in development that really encourages proper co-operative that goes beyond just shooting the enemies around you. And with an arsenal of weapons, Army of Two definitely has us very excited.

Reid Schneider, Senior Producer at EA Montréal noted, "This is the game we've always wanted to create. Until now, the hardware would not allow us to deliver truly intelligent AI characters. We've built this game with co-operative TWO man gameplay as the centerpiece of the experience. Whether you're playing with PAI [artificial intelligence] or a friend, it's about the TWO man missions, TWO man strategies and the TWO man advantage that really sets this game apart."

Visually, Army of Two is looking great. The art design may not be the most inspired, but it does seem like the look is pretty intentional. Texture detail is solid and the game looks to be featuring a pretty set of stages complete with quite a bit of open space to take advantage of. For instance, you can destroy a bridge off the distance, and that right there also demonstrates destructible environments. The color palette seems to feature mostly darker and grittier colors, so you shouldn't expect to see a lot of bright greens and yellows. But, judging by what we've seen to date, you should expect Army of Two to deliver a good looking visual experience.

Look for Army of Two to hit this Fall, with a currently pegged release of November 13th, 2007.

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11 years ago

this games is great if u have a frend or a brother to play with co-op