Scheduled release date:
Q1 2007
Sony Computer Entertainment
Media Molecule
Number Of Players:
1-4 Players (4 Online)
Release Date:
October 28, 2008

If you're the least bit of a Sony enthusiast, you've surely heard about the announcement of LittleBigPlanet way back in March. You may have also seen the videos, set to that intoxicatingly fitting soundtrack. You saw the little rag-dolls jumping around, helping each other out and all you could think to yourself was "holy crap…this is the most amazing game I've ever seen". Well, if you didn't think that much, then you need to go check out those videos again – because LittleBigPlanet is perhaps the most amazing game currently in development. This is the one adventure/platform game that'll change the face of the genre.

Why? It's simple. LittleBigPlanet is essentially the infinite game. In Mario, once you collect 120 stars, you're pretty much done. In Ape Escape, once you've got all of your monkeys, you're done. And so on, and so forth. Well, in LBP, you're never done. Because as long as people keep creating and trading their custom made stages, there will never be a point in time where you have nothing to do in the game.

LittleBigPlanet will give you total control over the creation of your rag doll, and total control over the creation of the stages you wish to put together. Yes, in this game, you create the stages, set up the obstacles, the jumps, the puzzles, etc. and then you get to invite three of your friends to go through your custom landscapes. You're not limited to inviting your friends over your house, either. The stages you create can be are shared via PlayStation Network, so you'll be able to invite and play online. And also expect to see a very robust online userface with rankings, communication, buddy systems, and more. This type of content has the potential to consequent a response worthy of World of Warcraft-status. I can certainly see that same appeal with LBP, but to a lesser and less dangerous degree. Simply the fact that, like WOW, LBP is a seemingly endless game will be more than enough to draw gamers in hordes.

"We were confident that PS3 would be the platform to lead the way in creative gaming, and LittleBigPlanet brings this concept to life spectacularly," said Phil Harrison, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. "By giving players the power to shape and share an entire virtual world via PlayStation Network, we've created the space for PS3 owners to realize their creativity and craft their own unique gameplay experience."

Fear not, because when you buy the game, it does come pre-loaded with already created levels so you'll be able to have fun right off the bat. Additionally, there is no one set path to victory. Because the game utilizes the most sophisticated physics engine in a game to date, you will be able to succeed by exercising various different approaches and methods.

Visually, it's incredible how a game this simple is looking so ridiculously beautiful. A mixture of immense vibrancy, absurdly detailed textures and a physics engine that just won't quit, really makes LittleBigPlanet one of the biggest standouts in development. Sony plans to deliver a demo of the game before the end of the year, with the actual game set to debut in early 2008. Keep your eyes peeled for more LittleBigPlanet content.

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