Scheduled release date:
January 7th, 2008
Kaos Studios
Number Of Players:
1-32 (Online)

When you see a war game, you typically know what to expect from it. Few war games have ever brought anything original to the table, in fact only Konami's Ring of Red for the PS2 comes to mind. So here comes Frontlines: Fuel of War with a theme that we've yet to see in a war game. The world's natural resources are approaching total depletion, and the economies of all superpowers have hit catastrophic proportions.

Fuel of War throws you into a fictional future that revolves around the alliance of the United State & Europe and the alliance of Russia & China. Each alliance has fused their respective military research to create the most powerful, state of the art vehicles and weapons known to man. This hardware is actually loosely based on actual designs that are being proposed for development in the near future. Likewise, there'll be a total of 60 vehicles and weapons to choose from.

The Ameri-Euro alliance is the Western Coalition, meanwhile the Ruso-China duo is the Red Star Alliance. Essentially, Fuels of War throws you into the third World War and in the game's grand scheme of things, you have two sides to choose and fight for or against. The grand scheme is the game's online multiplayer capabilities, up to 32 players can partake in battle which makes Frontline one of the biggest console online shooters behind Resistance. Kaos hopes to achieve a robust online community by putting an emphasis on team play.

Kaos Studios' focus is to fuse "…the immersive combat of Call of Duty 2 with the non-linear, 'go anywhere do anything' gameplay of Battlefield." Based on what we've gathered of the game so far, that's an understatement. Fuel of War is poised to offer a scope that all fans of the first-person shooter genre will eat up.

On the battlefield, some of the toys you get to control include gun cams, remote controlled drones, rocket launchers, tanks, sniper rifles, and various kinds of airships. As far as your soldier goes, you have the ability to customize his job specification and upgrade him throughout the progress of the game. Kaos claims a customization system with RPG-like depth, but still very user friendly like a first-person shooter should be.

I'm really looking forward to seeing just how well Fuel of War turns out. It sounds absolutely astonishing, and it looks every bit as good too. The visuals are gritty in style, but superb in quality. Texture detail seems to be very sharp, and considering that this is an open-ended game, expect to see a draw-in distance as far as the eye can see. Additionally, because this is also a war game, be prepared to also see some spectacular explosions and other special effects. Just about now the only thing left to see from the game is its framerate and the resolutions that the game will render at.

The console versions of Fuel of War seem to have hit a slight delay, slipping to a January 7th, 2008 release. The PC version arrive on time August 3rd.

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