Scheduled release date:
September 23, 2014
NIS America
Idea Factory, Compile Heart
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
September 16, 2014

JRPG followers have come to appreciate NIS America’s efforts in delivering the latest Japanese productions to the US. Developers like Compile Heart, Gust and Idea Factory have graced North American shelves thanks to the American branch of Nippon Ichi. This fall, the fans in question should consider snagging Fairy Fencer F , which released last fall in Japan to decent reviews. A dungeon-crawling turn-based adventure that will likely boast plenty of grinding and mammoth bosses, this one should be catnip for the JRPG faithful.

Firstly, while the game is indeed turn-based, the wide variety of options during combat greatly increases the depth and strategy. Of course, nothing is purely turn-based these days – not based on the strictest definition of the term – so you shouldn’t be surprised that you can move your characters freely during battle. It’ll be important to customize your team’s starting formation, as each attack has a certain range. This may remind old-school gamers of turn-based strategy titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre but make no mistake, the 3D dungeons you explore in Fairy Fencer are very different than those grid-based battlefields.

Enemies roam about in real-time, and as you can directly control your characters in real-time as well, you’re probably asking: “Wait, how is this turn-based?” Well, the selecting and execution of commands still happens in a turn-based format, and the combination of strategic positioning adds a third distinct component to the combat. This is precisely what current JRPGs need; i.e., a complex, innovative style of combat that isn’t completely real-time and yet, doesn’t feel rooted in the past. For instance, combos are a big feature in Fairy Fencer F and that’s not exactly common in the world of turn-based mechanics.