Scheduled release date:
October 14, 2014
2K Games
2K Australia
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
October 14, 2014

It isn’t exactly Borderlands 3 but you know, it’ll do. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel , a collaborative effort between Gearbox and 2K Australia, is set on the low-gravity moon of Pandora, and the game should feel a lot fresher than you might initially believe. Sure, it’s still a shooter, and it’ll maintain that same over-the-top kookiness thanks to Handsome Jack and the colorful vault hunters. But with new obstacles, characters, weapons, and even gameplay mechanics, this prequel shouldn’t be discounted just ‘cuz it’s not on next-gen consoles.

Perhaps the biggest difference between The Pre-Sequel and previous entries is the aforementioned lack of gravity, which allows vault hunters to leap incredibly long distances. This also allows for something the developers are calling the “butt stomp” (a big-time slam from high up) and it enables a different sort of movement system with greatly varying speeds. Sprinting, bolting into the air, using boosters in mid-air; it will all have a dramatic impact on the standard FPS formula. So yeah, it’s not just about new weapons and skill trees; it’s about experiencing the always entertaining world of Borderlands with a few significant gameplay twists.

The designers are also implementing more elemental effects, as the new cryo weapons are bound to be big-time crowd-pleasers. Soaking a nasty foe with water and then breaking out a cryo gun to freeze them solid should be ridiculously fun, right? Taking your fancy new arsenal out for a spin will result in new strategies and encounters, and the level design reflects the low-gravity environment. Jump pads that let you launch into the air add verticality to a genre that typically stays on the ground, and the new Kraggon enemy (some weird ice monster of sorts) will cause you fits with their unique “dividing” technique. This is just a small sample of what to expect, so calling this a “glorified piece of DLC” would be a critical mistake.