Scheduled release date:
April 30, 2014

Child of Light is going to be beautiful. And when I use that flattering descriptive term, I’m referring to both the presentation and its classical soul. The developers behind Far Cry 3 will deliver a true homage to the past; a classic role-playing game with artistry inspired by the iconic Studio Ghibli and gameplay inspired by turn-based RPGs of old. You might not think of games like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger when I say “Far Cry 3,” but trust me, this is veteran team that understands the enduring, charming appeal of those old-fashioned games.

It might draw inspiration from the 16-bit era, but Child of Light will take advantage of the powerful UbiArt Framework to bring us a stunningly modern set of visuals. This engine lets artists and programmers directly implement their creations in the game, which means the result will be an “interactive painting.” Pretty yet subtle special effects, a gorgeous, mystical environment, and fantastic character design highlight this attractive production. As for the gameplay, expect a mix of old-school platforming and turn-based combat, which will remind you of certain PS1-era RPGs.

The story revolves around a young girl, Aurora, who is trying to make her back home. In the process, she’s trying to rescue the sun, moon and stars, which are held in a strange sort of limbo by the Queen of the Night. She will travel with a friend and confidant, who goes by the name Igniculus. He’s just a glowing blue orb but he can go places Aurora can’t, and he’ll prove invaluable during tougher encounters. Overall, it’s a combination of the stunning environment and the accomplished character animations, which allow the production to shine. It’s not all about embracing “outdated” mechanics, though. There’s plenty of depth here, too.