Scheduled release date:
TBA 2014
Namco Bandai
From Software
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
March 11, 2014

Dark Souls II isn’t about to let up. Despite some concern among the fan base that the developers are easing off and making this sequel more “accessible” (a word From Software has used in the past), the message remains clear: Get ready for a challenge because if you come in unprepared, your ass will get handed to you. The beta test has resulted in all sorts of positive feedback; it’s especially positive to those who were concerned about that “accessible” term. The designers will still present us with an extraordinarily taxing game that tests our strategy and skill.

It seems clear that From Software has retained the core of Dark Souls and its predecessor, Demon’s Souls . Perhaps they may have streamlined things a bit and made the entire adventure slightly less intimidating, but those seeking a stiff challenge won’t be disappointed. Hacking and slashing? No, none of that here. That’s a good way to die in record time. Whipping open any door you see the instant you see it? Bad idea. Not bothering to observe an enemy’s particular combat style and equipment? A good way to get your hopes up and then have them dashed. Only the wise and the diligent will succeed here, brave warrior.

And don’t forget that this franchise has helped to pioneer the idea of multiplayer interaction within the realm of a single-player adventure. Provided you’re connected to the Internet, you can leave messages for other players. Common ones include “Warning,” “Danger ahead,” Proceed at your own risk,” and of course, the deceptive, “Clear path ahead.” The person leaving that message may be somewhat childish and if he gets nailed, instead of warning a fellow gamer, he might guide the unsuspecting to yet another grisly death. However, there are a few changes to encourage message-leaving and specifically, helpful messages.