Scheduled release date:
September 3, 2013
Ubisoft Montpelier
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
September 3, 2013

There’s one excellent franchise out there that never seems to get enough credit. It’s Michel Ancel’s Rayman , which always manages to be wildly entertaining and beautiful to behold. Granted, the challenge is usually pretty stiff (as those who played Rayman Origins well know), but the satisfaction one receives from conquering gorgeously designed levels is pretty special. Now, the newest installment in the critically acclaimed series is headed your way in early September, and it’s going to be even more diverse and entertaining than ever.

Not only will there be stealth elements this time around, but the variety of locales and the unbelievable aesthetics are bound to please. The sneaking joins familiar mechanics like sprinting and hovering, and you can expect distinct levels that offer plenty of different gameplay. For instance, there’s the new 20,000 Lums Under the Sea and Mansion of the Deep levels, which feature plenty of swimming and platforming. Throughout your adventure, you will marvel at the new dynamic lighting component, and you will pit your prodigious skills against a slew of fresh enemies. If things are getting too tough, then just invite a partner to play.

That’s right, cooperative fun can be had in Legends . In fact, it’s probably a good idea because at least you won’t be alone when facing such challenging perils. If you die when playing alone, you obviously have to restart at the last checkpoint. But having a buddy along makes resurrection a very real possibility; your ally only needs to smack you to wake you up. This will come in awfully handy, especially when facing down a few of the game’s more fearsome bosses. There’s this giant mechanical dragon, for example, that will chase you through the level, while you have to dodge and land damaging punches. Clearly, teaming up on that thing is a good idea.